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 Infraction DateBusinessAddressComplaint TypeDevice TypeStatus
10/23/2017 Speedway14155 Airport Hwy. Swanton, OH 43558Price ErrorsMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
10/20/2017 BP3532 Stickney Ave. Toledo, OH 43608Short Weight/Measure/CountMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
10/20/2017 BP2 N. Reynolds Rd. Toledo, OH 43615Motor FuelMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
10/19/2017 Stop N Go3504 Lagrange St. Toledo, OH 43608Short Weight/Measure/CountMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
10/13/2017 Shell 6903 Angola Rd. Holland, OH 43528Motor FuelMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
10/11/2017 Valero3819 Haverhill Dr. Toledo, OH 43612Fuel QualityMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
10/6/2017 Lee Williams Meat Inc.2521 Starr Ave. Oregon, OH 43616Short Weight/Measure/CountComputing Scale Closed
10/5/2017 BP3369 Navarre Rd. Oregon, OH 43616Short Weight/Measure/CountMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
9/29/2017 Shell822 Monroe St. Toledo, OH 43604Other ComplaintsMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
9/29/2017 Valero3819 Haverhill Dr. Toledo, OH 43606Short Weight/Measure/CountMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
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