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 Infraction Date vBusinessAddressComplaint TypeDevice TypeStatus
9/21/2022 Speedway2172 Arlington Ave. Toledo, OH 43609Motor FuelMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
9/7/2022 Barney's BP1456 Holland-Sylvania Rd. Maumee, OH 43537Fuel QualityMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
8/31/2022 Shell5473 Monroe St. Toledo, OH 43623Motor FuelMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
8/10/2022 Stop & Shop4001 Holland-Sylvania Rd. Toledo, OH 43623Fuel QualityMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
8/3/2022 Circle K401 S. Wheeling St. Oregon, OH 43616Other DevicesMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
7/22/2022 Shell4002 Secor Rd. Toledo, OH 43623Price ErrorsMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
7/22/2022 Clark1719 LaGrange St. Toledo, OH 43608Motor FuelMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed
7/21/2022 Circle K6775 Dorr St. Toledo, OH 43615Price ErrorsMotor Fuel Dispenser Closed