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Wade Kapszukiewicz is the Lucas County Treasurer and the Chairman of the Lucas County Land Bank, which battles the problems of vacant & abandoned properties. In 2014, The Toledo City Paper named him one of its “Big Idea Toledoans” in recognition of the Land Bank’s accomplishments. Prior to election as Treasurer, he served on the Lucas County School Board and Toledo City Council. Wade and his wife Sarah live in the Old Orchard neighborhood of Toledo and have two children: Emma, 12, and Will, 9.

Land Bank Receives Additional $1.9m to Fight Blight

10/24/2016 5:47:01 PM

More great news in the fight against blight in Toledo!  As this story in The Blade explains, the Lucas County Land Bank received an additional $1.9 million from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency to address the problems associated with vacant & abandoned homes.  The funding, which comes from the Hardest Hit Fund established by the U.S. Congress in 2010, will allow us to keep or exceed our pledge to demolish or rehab one vacant & abandoned property per day -- every day -- for the next 4 years. 

Ninety days have passed since the Land Bank made its "1,500 in 1,500" promise -- a commitment to demolish or renovate 1,500 properties over the next 1,500 days.  So far, we are ahead of schedule: in the last 90 days, the Land Bank has demolished 96 properties and helped renovate 18 more, bringing the total number of vacant & abandoned properties to 114.  The $15.7 million the Land Bank has now received from the Hardest Hit Fund will allow us to stay on schedule to finish our work by the "promise date" of August 31, 2020.

WTOL also did a story on the additional $1.9 million grant, and it can be viewed by clicking here.

Lucas County Attends RVP Conference in Baltimore

10/20/2016 3:10:56 PM

The Land Bank staff had a great time in Baltimore at the Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference hosted by the Center for Community Progress.  We shared some of our experiences, learned new ideas, and networked with other activists who are trying to make a difference in their communities.  Having attended the very first RVP conference in Pittsburgh in 2007, it was great to see how much the movement has grown!

Land Bank Hosts Mini "Parade of Homes"

9/15/2016 10:31:35 AM

The Lucas County Land Bank held an Open House for four of its properties last weekend in an effort to promote rehabilitation of vacant and abandoned homes in our community.  Four properties were open from 11 am - 1 pm on Saturday, with at least one of the properties having a line of potential buyers waiting outside the home before the showing even began.  Land Bank staff and local realtors were present at each location in order to answer questions.

The Land Bank has helped rehab over 400 properties, and these projects have pumped $10 million of private investment into our neighborhoods.  The Blade story on this mini "Parade of Homes" can be found by clicking here, and the story that ran on WTVG-13ABC can be found by clicking here.

Land Bank Sets Goal of "1,500 in 1,500"

7/25/2016 4:09:02 PM

It’s a goal for the record books, but the Lucas County Land Bank is ready to set its sights high.  At a news conference today, we announced a plan to renovate or demolish 1,500 properties over the next 1,500 days.  In other words, every day for the next four years, a property will be fixed up or torn down by the Land Bank. Every single day.  This will allow us to remove most of the blighted properties throughout Toledo by the year 2020.

The news conference was held in front of two houses owned by the Land Bank on the 3900 block of Hoiles Avenue in West Toledo: one that must be demolished due to mold damage, and the other that has been renovated by a Land Bank partner and will soon be re-occupied.

More than 400 properties have been renovated through the Land Bank since 2011. That’s important because demolition and renovation are not an either/or. Our neighborhoods need both to be successful.

The announcement follows the recent Hardest Hit Funds award of $13.8 million to the Land Bank, which was a higher award per capita than any other county in Ohio. Lucas County received such a high award in part because it has the lowest demolition costs statewide, paying nearly 25% less than any other county and stretching limited dollars even further for Toledo’s neighborhoods.

The Blade wrote a front-page story about the "1,500 in 1,500" initiative, which you can read by clicking here.  The Blade's lead editorial was also dedicated to the program, and you can read that by clicking here.


Toledo Shouldn't Use State Cuts as Excuse for Failure

7/25/2016 12:49:46 PM

The Toledo Blade invited me to write an OpEd about what the City of Toledo should do to make up for the cuts in state funding.  Click here if you would like to ready my "Saturday Essay."

Another Possible Benefit of Blight Grant

7/21/2016 1:30:11 PM

WTOL-TV did a story last night in which it highlighted another possible benefit of the $14 million grant the Land Bank received last week from the Hardest Hit Fund: preventing arson.  Watch the story by clicking here.

Land Bank Receives $14 M in Fight Against Blight

7/15/2016 2:56:49 PM

The Lucas County Land Bank received a $13.8 million grant earlier this week from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency to continue its fight against blight in Northwest Ohio.  With this funding, we have now been awarded over $25 million since 2014 to help address the problems associated with vacant and abandoned homes.  The money comes from the Hardest Hit Fund, which is a program administered by the U.S. Treasury Department.  The Blade story about the grant can be found by clicking here.

This money will allow us to demolish an additional 700 blighted structures, which will help increase property values in many our of community's most challenged neighborhoods.  Of the 18 land banks in Ohio that received funding, Lucas County received the 2nd highest amount (behind only Cuyahoga County) and the highest per capita award of any land bank in the state.  Kudos to the land bank staff.  Their efficient and excellent work has been recognized and rewarded!