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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
E-18-0462014 CR 0609State of Ohio v. Paul M. Barnhart 12/6/2019 True
H-19-004CRI 20110712State of Ohio v. Joseph P. Gaines 12/6/2019 True
L-17-1289CR0201603375State of Ohio v. Terry Campbell 12/6/2019 True
L-18-1142CR0201801236State of Ohio v. Cameron Winston Vaughn 12/6/2019 True
L-19-1273xMarquis Kennedy Bey v. City of Toledo 12/5/2019 False
L-19-1205TRC-19-03599State of Ohio/City of Toledo v. April Maria Taylor 12/2/2019 False
E-19-0062007-CR-538State of Ohio v. Bruce T. Johnson 11/27/2019 True
H-18-023CRI 2018-0508State of Ohio v. Seferino Juan Maltos 11/27/2019 True
L-18-1149CR0201801693State of Ohio v. Christopher Toda 11/27/2019 True
L-18-1181, L-19-1008CI0201702263, CI0201704820Bradley Delp v. Cleves Delp 11/27/2019 True
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