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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
E-19-0292018-CR-304State of Ohio v. Michael Craft 9/18/2020 True
L-19-1109, L-19-1293CI0201704976XPX Armor & Equipment, Inc. v. The Skylife Company, Inc. 9/18/2020 True
L-20-1065CI0201902023Carrie L. Russell v. James E. Jones 9/18/2020 True
L-18-1191CR0201801184State of Ohio v. Lavelle Allen aka Lavell Allen 9/18/2020 True
WD-19-068, WD-19-0692018CR0617, 2019CR0096State of Ohio v. Jamie Gonzales 9/18/2020 True
S-19-054, S-19-05518 CR 905, 19 CR 408State of Ohio v. Christina M. Robinson 9/18/2020 True
WD-20-0552013CR0141State of Ohio v. Craig R. Myers 9/11/2020 False
OT-19-043, OT-19-04419 CR 052 , 16 CR 005State of Ohio v. Chelsea Esker fka Chelsea Gruber 9/11/2020 True
E-19-031CRB 1900109State of Ohio/City of Milan v. Derek W. Yoder 9/11/2020 True
L-19-1024CR0201801793State of Ohio v. Arthur Charles Dade, Jr. 9/11/2020 True
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