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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
E-16-0732014-CR-196State of Ohio v. Richard C. Mick 3/16/2018 True
L-17-1048CR0201602803State of Ohio v. Christina Hite 3/16/2018 True
L-17-1064CRA-17-01964State of Ohio/City of Toledo v. Kelley A. Williams 3/16/2018 True
L-17-109915249940A.S. v. J.W. 3/16/2018 True
L-17-1154CR0199506612State of Ohio v. Sean Blom 3/16/2018 True
WD-17-02815 CR 278State of Ohio v. Shawn Gueli 3/16/2018 True
WD-17-0332016CR0134State of Ohio v. Nicholas C. Elmore 3/16/2018 True
L-17-1235, L-17-1236, L-17-1237JC 15248949, JC 17260801In re J.O., A.O., C.O., Aa.O., M.H. 3/14/2018 True
E-17-0062011-CR-309State of Ohio v. Gregory R. Haddox 3/9/2018 True
E-17-0402015-CR-354State of Ohio v. Artie E. Grissom 3/9/2018 False
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