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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
E-17-0422015 AO 00012015 AO 0001 9/21/2018 True
L-18-1014CRB-17-05570State of Ohio/City of Toledo v. Bernard Rashad Cox 9/21/2018 True
OT-18-00117 CR 126State of Ohio v. James Allen 9/21/2018 True
S-18-00521730237In re C.T. 9/21/2018 True
WD-17-0482017CR0086State of Ohio v. Jake W. Faulkner, III 9/21/2018 True
L-18-1012JC 15251270In re M.H, M.N., Ak.B., Z.M., Ar.B. 9/19/2018 True
L-18-1063JC 15250322In re A.P., J.P. 9/19/2018 True
S-18-00921630062In re J.J. 9/19/2018 True
F-17-01215DV000181Mark S. Buck v. Janet Yackee Buck 9/14/2018 True
L-17-1038, L-17-1039CR0201601971, CR0201602809State of Ohio v. Esten Ciboro 9/14/2018 True
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