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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
WD-20-050, WD-20-0512013 CR 0596, 2013 CR 0574State of Ohio v. Cody R. Rickard 9/30/2021 True
WD-20-0692014CR0097State of Ohio v. John D. Leveck 9/30/2021 True
WD-21-00920TRC5077State of Ohio/City of Bowling Green v. David Wysong, III 9/30/2021 True
F-21-00219CR122State of Ohio v. Danette L. Potter 9/30/2021 True
F-21-005TRC 2001960State of Ohio v. Forrest C. Aiken 9/30/2021 True
L-20-1018CR0201901338State of Ohio v. Adrian Syph 9/30/2021 True
L-20-1042CR0201701299State of Ohio v. David Raymond Jensen 9/30/2021 True
L-20-1111CR0201902687State of Ohio v. Edward Reese 9/30/2021 True
L-20-1199CR0202001276State of Ohio v. Jeremy Andrews 9/30/2021 True
L-20-1200CR0202001624State of Ohio v. Veronica Clark 9/30/2021 True
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