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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
L-19-1232CR0201902337State of Ohio v. Dyllan Velliquette 8/5/2022 True
L-21-1147CR0202002350State of Ohio v. Cameron Meyer 8/5/2022 True
F-21-01120CR103State of Ohio v. Alan Shelor 7/29/2022 True
OT-21-03621CV126STE Investments, LLC, et al. v. Macprep, Ltd., et al. 7/29/2022 True
L-20-1053CR0201902776State of Ohio v. Lewis Bothuel 7/29/2022 True
L-20-1164CR0201902986State of Ohio v. Derek Daly 7/29/2022 True
WD-21-0742015CR0317State of Ohio v. Heath Edmead 7/29/2022 True
L-22-1119N/AShariff Alameen Bey v. Lucas County Court of Common Pleas 7/27/2022 True
E-21-0422019 CV 0199Cynthia Tillman, Administrator of the Estate of Eric P. Tillman, et al., v. Kelly M. Mantz, et al. 7/22/2022 True
E-21-0452020-CR-136State of Ohio v. Trevonte Adcock 7/22/2022 True
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