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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
H-17-013DR 2014 0163Jeffrey A. Hosang v. Constance A. Hosang, et al. 1/11/2019 True
L-17-1133, L-17-1247CRB-16-12961, CRB-16-16907State of Ohio/City of Toledo v. Douglas M. Whiting 1/11/2019 True
L-17-1269CR0201702151State of Ohio v. Jesse Glaze 1/11/2019 True
L-18-1049, L-18-1050CR0201702510, CR0201702776State of Ohio v. Thomas Strong 12/28/2018 True
L-18-1088, L-18-1089CRB-16-17250, CRB-17-05670State of Ohio/City of Toledo v. Benjamin Keith Myers 12/28/2018 True
OT-18-0142014-CR-0150State of Ohio v. Steven W. Kraus 12/28/2018 True
S-18-00315CR1031, 15CR0729, 15CR0930, 16CR1060State of Ohio v. Travis Bulger 12/28/2018 True
S-18-01914DR1122Daniel A. Miller v. Amy M. Miller 12/28/2018 True
E-18-008TRC 1702801State of Ohio/City of Vermilion v. Christiana Lane 12/28/2018 True
L-17-127112224982C.L. v. S.M. 12/28/2018 True
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