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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
S-23-02222 CR 1088State of Ohio v. Kevin S. Chapman 4/19/2024 True
S-23-00321 CR 755State of Ohio v. Anthony J. Garcia 4/19/2024 True
L-23-1057CVH-22-12616City of Toledo v. Heron Arizona Fund 1, LLC, et al. 4/19/2024 True
E-23-0212016SU00138N.T. v. J.W. 4/19/2024 True
L-23-1152CI0202204695Norma Owens v. Jerry Purcel 4/19/2024 True
L-23-1146CR0202102088State of Ohio v. Michael Schaus 4/19/2024 True
L-24-1074N/AState of Ohio v. Alfred Johnson, Sr. 4/19/2024 True
WD-23-041; WD-23-0422022CR0456; 2023CR0268State of Ohio v. Jonathon R. Jones 4/15/2024 True
E-23-019CRB02200137City of Huron v. Michael Kisel 4/12/2024 True
E-23-0342022 CR 0098 State of Ohio v. Curtis Jeter 4/12/2024 True
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