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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
L-20-1052CR0201901504State of Ohio v. Christopher Brown 5/14/2021 True
L-20-1088CR0201902635State of Ohio v. Khiry D. Woodmore 5/14/2021 True
L-20-1091CI0201704824Robert Bliss, et al. v. Johns Manville, et al. 5/14/2021 True
L-20-110919272672In re J.S., H.S., K.V. 5/14/2021 True
WD-20-02719CRB02328State of Ohio/City of Bowling Green v. Shawn M. Carnicom 5/14/2021 True
F-20-00820CR000033State of Ohio v. Jennifer L. Howe 5/14/2021 True
S-20-02919 CR 463State of Ohio v. Kyle C. Porter 5/7/2021 True
L-20-1164, L-20-1165CRB-17-08262, CRB-17-11859State of Ohio/City of Toledo v. Jamar J. Johnson 5/7/2021 True
L-20-1061CR0201902254State of Ohio v. Alliya Crenshaw Rottman 5/7/2021 True
L-19-1133CR0201802792State of Ohio v. Kevin Martin 5/7/2021 True
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