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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
E-21-0442020-CR-0106State of Ohio v. Leslie Gumm 6/30/2022 True
L-21-1026CR0202001368State of Ohio v. Michelle Szozda 6/30/2022 True
L-21-104320CRB008780101City of Oregon v. Opal Covey 6/30/2022 True
L-21-1108; L-21-1109CR0202002158State of Ohio v. Carlin Baucom 6/30/2022 True
L-21-1135N/AState, ex rel. Lutfi Said Saalim v. Lucas County Sheriff's Office c/o Michael J. Navarre, in his cap 6/30/2022 True
L-21-1166; L-21-1167CR0201102209; CR0202101683State of Ohio v. Marcus Woods 6/30/2022 True
L-21-1184CR0201701128State of Ohio v. Robert Mathis 6/30/2022 True
L-21-1188AD 21283174Ronald W. McKinzie, II v. Rebecca Fry 6/30/2022 True
OT-21-03321 CR 112State of Ohio v. Kiel D. Lorenzen 6/30/2022 True
OT-21-03421 CR 113State of Ohio v. Adam Palmer 6/30/2022 True
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