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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
L-17-1187CR0201602818State of Ohio v. Davonte Nicholson 12/7/2018 True
L-17-1211CR0201601380State of Ohio v. Xavier Bryant 12/7/2018 True
L-17-1302, L-17-1303CR0199902160State of Ohio v. Wayne Braddy; State of Ohio v. Karl Willis 12/7/2018 True
OT-18-00417 CR 139State of Ohio v. Jason George 12/7/2018 True
OT-18-010CRB 1800088State of Ohio v. Cassondra N. Williamson 12/7/2018 True
S-17-05315CR935State of Ohio v. Keith Nettles 12/7/2018 True
S-18-00721730218In re N.F. 12/7/2018 True
L-17-1256CR0201701343State of Ohio v. Marcus L. Clark, Sr. 11/30/2018 True
OT-17-021, OT-17-0252016-JOA-304In re L.S., Jr. 11/30/2018 True
L-18-1125JC 13235356In re J.K. 11/20/2018 True
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