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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
WD-20-0582019CR0366State of Ohio v. Richard Nye 7/23/2021 True
WD-20-059CVH1901424Ashley Lathrop v. Wood County Dog Warden 7/23/2021 True
L-20-1123LN 02019011856XPX Armor and Equipment, Inc. v. The Skylife Co., Inc. 7/23/2021 True
L-20-1131, L-20-1132CR0202001127, CR0201601555State of Ohio v. Duane Talley, Jr. 7/23/2021 True
L-19-1203CI0201801822Dana Limited v. TACS Automation, LLC 7/23/2021 True
L-20-1198CR0202001870State of Ohio v. Leonard Hicks, Jr. 7/16/2021 True
WD-20-0362013CR0335State of Ohio v. Gabriel S. Bonish 7/16/2021 True
L-21-1027CI0202003331Iyad Shannack v. Yark Automotive Group, Inc., 6th Dist. No. L-21-1027, 2021-Ohio- 7/9/2021 True
OT-20-01818 CR 096State of Ohio v. Richard Rose, Jr. 7/9/2021 True
L-21-1004, L-21-1013JC19274734In re JF 7/6/2021 True
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