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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
WD-18-0772015CR0174State of Ohio v. Micah Harris 11/15/2019 True
E-19-0092017 CR 0445State of Ohio v. Chad Moore 11/8/2019 True
H-18-020, H-18-021CRI 20180400, CRI 20180502State of Ohio v. Jeremiah M. Bennett 11/8/2019 True
L-18-1031CR0201702541State of Ohio v. Edward Damon Perryman 11/8/2019 True
L-18-1150CR0201702084 State of Ohio v. James L. Gaston 11/8/2019 True
L-18-1166CR0201801511State of Ohio v. Anthony Mims 11/8/2019 True
L-18-1193TRC17-07277State of Ohio/City of Sylvania v. Jeremiah R. Johnson 11/8/2019 True
L-18-1270CRB-18-13830State of Ohio/City of Toledo v. Dominick Rainey 11/8/2019 True
S-18-04117CR720State of Ohio v. Kayree Jeffery 11/8/2019 True
WD-18-005, WD-18-007, WD-18-0082017CR0235State of Ohio v. Robert E. Searfoss, III 11/8/2019 True
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