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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
L-17-1309CR0201701494State of Ohio v. Terrence L. Singer 5/17/2019 True
L-18-1110CR0201801190State of Ohio v. Gregory D. Anderson 5/17/2019 True
L-18-1245JC 16259525In re K.J. 5/17/2019 True
OT-18-02216CV99Edward LaBounty v. Big 3 Automotive, et al. 5/17/2019 True
S-18-03318CV184Chad Green v. Toni L. Kaser 5/17/2019 True
WD-18-0622017CR0517State of Ohio v. Jermaine Lawler 5/17/2019 True
S-18-02916CR987State of Ohio v. Christopher L. Magee 5/17/2019 True
L-17-1266CR0201701655State of Ohio v. Deonte Lamour Thomas 5/17/2019 True
E-18-0352015 CR 0013State of Ohio v. Randal T. Young 5/10/2019 True
L-17-1241CR0201701869State of Ohio v. Kenneth Burton Waters, Jr. 5/10/2019 True
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