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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
E-19-003TRC 1802535State of Ohio v. Bradley A. Price 1/24/2020 True
L-19-1168JC 18266487In re J.H., R.H., K.H. 1/24/2020 True
OT-19-00217 CR 172State of Ohio v. Cody Habel 1/24/2020 True
S-19-01218 CR 662State of Ohio v. Marcus E. White 1/24/2020 True
S-19-02119-CV-128Samuel R. Danziger v. Kendall Rieman 1/24/2020 True
WD-19-0252015CR0400State of Ohio v. Reva Spears 1/24/2020 True
E-18-017, E-18-0182015-CR-199, 2016-CR-224State of Ohio v. Patrick Reed 1/17/2020 True
WD-18-0322017CR0416State of Ohio v. Cecil R. Cleaves, Jr. 1/17/2020 True
E-20-001xIn re M.W. 1/17/2020 True
E-18-0472017CR414State of Ohio v. Bret Farris 1/17/2020 True
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