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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
L-17-1076CR0201601940State of Ohio v. Ramiro Ramirez 7/31/2020 True
S-19-044, S-19-04519 CR 433 and 19 CR 381State of Ohio v. Dominic DL Torres 7/31/2020 True
WD-16-0722015-CR-0367State of Ohio v. Steven H. Dornoff, Jr. 7/31/2020 True
E-19-0612017-JN-0003In re X.H. 7/31/2020 True
WD-19-054, WD-19-055, WD-19-0562015 1425A, 2015 1425C, 2015 14285DIn re Estate of Edward F. Zoltanski Stephen Zoltanski v. Helen Zoltanski, et al. 7/31/2020 True
F-19-01015CR68State of Ohio v. Samuel Martinez 7/31/2020 True
L-19-1182CI0201802729ASE Investments, LLC, et al. v. Robert C. Smith, Jr. 7/24/2020 True
L-19-1216JC 16254109S.S. v. F.M. 7/24/2020 True
L-19-1248CR0201703045State of Ohio v. Jamaine Hill 7/24/2020 True
OT-19-02817 CR 091State of Ohio v. Keith Blumensaadt 7/24/2020 True
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