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 Decision NoTrial Court NoTitleDecision Date vPublishedActions
H-22-002, 004CRI 2017-0477, CRI 2018-0050State of Ohio v. Seferino J. Maltos 12/2/2022 True
OT-22-01120-CR-039State of Ohio v. Cory Haeft 12/2/2022 True
OT-22-01320 CR 243State of Ohio v. Harry Terrell 12/2/2022 True
L-21-1217CI0201902279Randy Nuckols v. Consolidated Rail Corporation and CSX Transportation, Inc. 12/2/2022 True
E-22-0062008-JB-084In re A.M. 12/2/2022 True
L-21-1262CR0202002269State of Ohio v. Marquell Bradford 12/2/2022 False
L-22-1063CI0202003766Rebel Underwood, Administratrix of the Estate of David A. Underwood, deceased v. Mercy Health Physci 12/2/2022 True
L-22-1017CR0202002218State of Ohio v. Tony Perrin 12/2/2022 True
L-21-1229CI0201904258Pierre Investments, Inc. v. CLS Capital Group, Inc, et al. 12/2/2022 True
WD-21-0782016 DR 0216Kristin J. Kelley v. Gregory A. Kelley 12/2/2022 True
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