Lucas County Public Documents
User Guide

System/Browser Requirements

The Web pages and Web-based applications hosted for the Lucas County Clerk of Courts Dockets Online and Public Access have been tested with the following operating systems and browsers. It is recommended to use one of these web browsers. To check your current Web Browser version, select Help in the menu bar of most Web browsers and choose About.

Windows XP SP2 Mac OS X 10.4.11
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 Apple Safari 4.0.5
Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3
Mozilla Firefox 3.6  
Apple Safari 4 Public Beta (528.16)  

Public documents are retrieved in .pdf format. The ability to view Public Documents has been tested with Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 (available at Document viewing functionality is based on the document viewer being used by the end user.

JavaScript must be enabled.

Pop-up blockers must be turned off or pop-ups should be temporarily allowed in order to view Public Documents.

Internet Explorer users may need to disable the yellow security bar by changing their Internet settings. Under Tools in the menu bar, select Internet Options, choose the Security tab, and under Custom level enable “Automatic prompting for file downloads” in the Downloads section.